Finding True-to-Size Women’s Clothing

Purchasing clothing online is the best way to afford the latest styles and trends as they are introduced. Full retail pricing for women’s clothing tends to be much more expensive than the same items offered at a clothing website. Dresses, rompers, casual clothing, shoes, and accessories can be ordered and shipped right to the house. It is faster, cheaper, and more convenient than traditional shopping.

A Few Issues to Consider

Before placing any orders from a website, carefully read the terms and conditions, information regarding shipping rates, and return policies. Some sites do not allow returns of purchases unless the items are defective. Credit may be offered, but returns and refunds are not an option.

Shipping may be free of charge on totals that exceed a specific amount. This amount will vary from site to site. That shipping may take a few days, or even weeks, depending on the carrier used and the method of travel.

Sizing Issues

In addition to each website having a different sizing chart, many sizes do not correspond to popular perceptions. A plus size on one site may actually be a regular size on another site. It is rare to find a site that offers clothing that is true to size for women in the United States. The average women these days are above a size 14.

A site geared for young adult sizes will consider a size 10-12 an extra-large. A site aimed at plus-sized women will probably label clothing in sizes 10-12 as small or medium. This is why it is imperative to refer to sizing charts for each item on every site. When a site is found that is true to size for the shopper, it is wise to place that site into favorites for fast recall when it is time to purchase new clothing.

One Item

Before ordering many trendy clothing items at once, order one item at first. Once the item arrives, try it on to determine if the sizing is right for you. If it is, have fun and order enough to qualify for free shipping. If not, continue the search for the site that will best accommodate the body type and provides a size that fits comfortably.