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A Guide to Food and Travel

Travelling to different countries gives you a great opportunity to try different international cuisines. You can try the many different dishes offered by each country.

If you want to try sophisticated foods, then India is the place to go. Although many of these cuisine come from the Punjabi regions of northern India, you can have other Indian cooking styles from the southern, eastern and western parts where they cook largely vegetarian dishes but can include lamb, chicken, fish, and goat.

The French is perhaps the greatest cooks in the world. French cooks use rich cream and alcohol in their dishes. A very popular French dish is escargot which is actually snails cooked in garlic butter with frogs legs. If you don’t get put off by these ingredients, then you can enjoy this dish to your heart’s delight. The French also specialize in pastries, spirits, liqueurs, and wines that greet you wherever you go in France.

If you go Mediterranean, you should take time to check out the Spanish cuisine. The Spanish tapa is a very famous snack or starter and you should try their excellent seafood dishes. They have excellent wines including sherry, which is their most famous national drink. Made in Jerez, sherry is wine fortified with brandy. Sangria is also popular which is an inexpensive red wine with added spices, spirits and fruit, a bit like punch.

Mexican or Aztec cookery is blended with Spanish idea. They create the famous dishes wrapped in tacos or tortillas made from flour based breads. Guacamole is a famous Mexican dip made from avocados mashed with oil and garlic.

Italy is famous for pasta and pizza. Laborers in the field eat pizza for lunch. Each village used to have its open brickwork pizza oven and you could see women returning from the woods with baskets full of mushrooms to make the delicious pizza al funghi. 300 varieties of sausages and 400 kinds of cheeses would make any traveler dizzy at the wide selection. Italian cuisine is an ancient cuisine.

If you go to the Middle East, their cooking is a combination of Mediterranean and eastern with emphasis on warming spices like cinnamon. Delicious breads are eaten with appetizers, dips, and pickles in these countries. They use a lot of pulses like lentils and chick peas with plenty of fresh and interesting salads and a little less meat.

To achieve the delicate and subtle flavors in Thai foods, lemon grass and lime juice are used. Their recipes are a combination of bitter, sweet, hot and sour flavors. When Thais cook, they use a lot of fish sauce and noodles.

If you will go to Japan you should try their sushi rice and fish dishes. Here you will also taste a lot of sweet and rice based recipes and soya bean products and recipes.

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