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Want to Get a Pet? The Differences Between a Cat and a Dog

You want to get your own pet at home, but you can’t still make a final decision. Dog lovers would say that dogs are the best pets, but cat lovers also make the claim. In this article, you will learn what are the differences between the two pets that will sure help you make a better decision.

– Pets need attention from the owners. Between the cat and dog, the latter wants more attention from the owner. Dog lovers have to spare some of their time to play with their pets. And this may something heavy for you if you spend only few hours at home because of work. On the other hand, cats can enjoy the day even without playing with you. It is very easy for dogs to be distressed when they don’t see you even for few hours. There is no way you let a day pass without walking or playing with your dog, regardless of your schedule. Cats can be a good option for those people who wanted a pet but don’t have enough time to play with it everyday.

– Cats and dogs can easily get fleas. Dogs can usually get fleas from the long grass around your house. This problem can be treated through the use of Pet-Lock. Dogs tend to be safer where no tall grass are around. But, the city makes a cat get fleas especially when it meets other cats in the street.

– If your work requires you to travel often, having a dog can be quite burdensome. Dogs should go on with their regular routine like a short walk in the park and you can’t do this when you’re going away. To keep them from being distressed, you should bring your pet to a kennel or ask a friend or relative to take care of it while you’re away. With enough food, cats can live at home even when you travel for few days. If you want more freedom and less worry, then cats are good choice for you.

– If you want to keep your house protected, then you can get a dog. They can scare any unwanted guests who tries to break in your house. Usually, cats can’t help you with this situation. They don’t just make enough noise to scare the burglars or wake you up.

These are just some of the things you have to look into when choosing whether to have a dog or a cat. But the best pet will always depend on your choice. And before you decide, gather as much information as you can about each option.

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